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Why is it so important to have Terms and Conditions?When should you issue Business Terms and Conditions?Who can draft your Terms and Conditions?Who can help you?
Why is it so important to have Terms and Conditions?
Your Terms and Conditions form the contractual agreement between your business and your customers. They enable you to limit your liability and obligations.

Having written Terms and Conditions should help minimise any problems and disputes.

When should you issue Business Terms and Conditions?
Your Terms and Conditions need to be given to each customer prior to each transaction. Generally, they should be provided along with your invoice or quote.

Many businesses now provide their Terms and Conditions to customers via email. It is not necessary to ensure your customers sign a copy of your Terms. By making payment or sending you an email accepting your quote your customers have accepted your offer under law. A contract has been formed.

Who can draft your Terms and Conditions?
You should strongly consider getting a business lawyer to draft a set of standard Terms and Conditions which your business can use in all future transactions. A good business lawyer will discuss your individual business needs with you and examine the most important risks to your business. They will then draft you a set of Terms and Conditions that can be used for every future customer – potentially saving you thousands of dollars in unpaid invoices!
Who can help you?
With extensive experience working within top tier commercial law firms, Rise Legal’s Managing Director, Helen Kay, will be happy to assist with your commercial terms and conditions.

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